Can You Still Get 1000 Backlinks Using Article Marketing in 2012?

using article marketing

using article marketing a Dead Strategy?

Is using article marketing in 2012 worthless for building backlinks to your website
or blog? That is certainly a question that has been asked of me on more than one occasion
and one that has sparked some active debate for sure. Google it and you will find a ton of
articles on the subject falling on both side of the matter.


In this article I will put forth my educated opinions and experiences to hopefully help
you tangle with the issue yourself. Then you can adjust your article marketing strategies
accordingly to try and stay in front of this issue to keep them as effective as possible. The
Google Panda Update simply slammed the door on a huge number of the top article
directory sites, leaving them far less effective in SEO and ranking ability.

So How is…

               Using Article Marketing


                                                                           for Building Backlinks Actually Defined?


The principles involved with article marketing were genius in their simplicity; you write a
useful, relevant article and in exchange you get high page rank links back to your site or
blog where the original article resides.


It was really a win-win for both parties involved. The article directory gets access to new,
fresh content for its site while incurring no cost for that content. Article marketing sites
make all of their money from advertising dollars spent on their sites. Simply look at a site
like and you will see what I mean as they are inundated with ads.


People around the internet, (especially webmasters) need fresh content of their own for their
site or sites and therefore utilize article directories as a source. When you post your article there,
you basically give them re-publishing rights so others can use your articles freely on their sites
as well, everybody was happy.


Article directories were great especially for the new site owner when nobody knew about their
site. It was a great way to get backlinks relatively quickly, with the only barrier being the
number of articles you could get written as quickly as possible.


Frequently The Art of…

                           Using ArticleMarketing

                                                                                                        for Backlinks Was Abused …


There really is two groups to blame for the proliferation of the ‘crap” content that became
Google’s Achilles heel. Website owners desperate to get backlinks, page rank and to appear
at the top of Google page one, would resort to hiring out the actual writing of their
article many times to outsources located in other countries. This caused problems in
the sense that rarely were the articles grammatically correct, readable or even made sense
many times.


The article directories themselves didn’t have much of a qualification process to submit
articles to their respective directories either. Many times a pulse, warm blood and a valid
email address was all that was needed to submit articles to them. This process over the
course of many years flooded the Internet with sub standard content that rarely was even
relevant to the search term that was entered into Google.


Then the advent of the article spinning software’s simply turned a huge problem into a
mammoth one. People would then take their barely readable, “outsourced” article and feed it
into an article spinner, producing hundreds of articles that frequently just made no sense


Google Wasn’t Interested in Considering…

                      Using Article Marketing

                                                                                                              as a Source Any Longer…


Inherently Google knew they had a huge problem on their hands. They grew to despise
these article farms as they referred to them and set out a course to change things drastically.
Google knew that most of the good writers were not able to get their content onto the
SERP’s, especially if their site was newer. This resulted in a bad user experience for the searcher
because the crappy articles were the ones that the searcher were end up seeing because their
site had hundreds of “ill gotten” backlinks.


It was frustrating to see a one page, auto blog outranking my established, well written,
authority blog for a given keyword just because they used less than honest methods to get
more backlinks. I’m sure it was for thousands of others that followed the rules just like me.


Google’s climb to the top was because of it’s awesome ability to give their prospect the best,
most relevant information for any given search at the time, but a lot of that had changed and
Google didn’t like it one bit. People were fooling the system with substandard content and
that content was dominated SERP’s. Google set out with a plan to change the injustice that had
become the misleading writers and article farms, hence The Google Panda Update.


Using Article Marketing

                                                                                     for Backlinks is Dying a Slow Death…


I have seen the effectiveness of article marketing start to decrease over the last few months
and I expect that trend to continue. Just listen to the disdain in the voice of Matt Cutts regarding
this issue. What was once a tremendous tool for writers, webmasters and internet businesses,
had become a thorn in Google’s side and their aim was to change it in a massive way, and that’s
certainly what they did.


With me having an authority blog, I welcomed the change and have seen article directories
dropping from the SERP’s like flies. Now, someone can actually post a relevant, well written
article, submit it to the article directories, (the ones that are still around), and get targeted, traffic
from the submission without having to worry about “crappy content” ranking higher in Google for
the same keyword.



                 Using Article Marketing

                                                                                                                                      … for Backlinks?


Using article marketing can still be a great way for a new site to get off the ground with some good
basic content and backlinks. Just remember the days of aimlessly throwing questionable content
at article farms is quickly dying out. A good strategy is to submit to two or three of the highest page
rank article directories and that’s it. Just make sure to write your articles in a way to get clickthroughs.


Keep in mind the environment has changed, therefore it’s now more about getting targeted traffic
than tricking search engines into counting bogus backlinks for ranking power. Google is no longer
even considering links from lower ranking article sites anyway, so why waste your time?


There are so many different ways of generating traffic these days, just make sure to concentrate on
some that involve social media, it is the newest way to get rewarded in a big way with first page Google
results. This would be a much better use of time and energy than using article marketing exclusively
to create backlinks.




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